Einstein’s Incredible Universe Science Showcase

08/14/2024 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PT


National Webinars


Einstein’s Incredible Universe is a dynamic new media and engagement program designed to catalyze interest in space science and spark scientific curiosity in lifelong learners, with a special emphasis on impacting young women. Join us for this special webinar to learn from the project’s leaders, researchers, and participants as they showcase this exciting program!

Einstein’s Incredible Universe is funded by the National Science Foundation and includes an IMAX-format film produced by Cosmic Picture, educational resources from the Great Lakes Science Center, collaboration with the Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast (DEB) Initiative, and research from Rockman et al. NGCP is working with the project team to strengthen its efforts to advance gender equity in STEM. Together, the project team made it possible for young women across the country to capture solar images during the April 2024 total solar eclipse which will be used by NASA-funded scientists to study the inner corona of the sun. During the webinar, you’ll hear about the project and its successful outcomes, as well as challenges and lessons learned. Leave this webinar with ideas, strategies, and resources to engage girls – and all youth – in similar citizen science programs in the communities you serve!

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