Cyber-Rights: A Virtual Town Hall Event

04/11/2024 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM PT


National Webinars


Join us for Cyber-Rights: A Virtual Town Hall Event, where we'll explore the vital role of cybersecurity in safeguarding privacy and human rights in today's digital age. With a central theme of "CS for Good," this event is relevant to all, appealing to a diverse audience interested in the intersection of technology and human rights. Hosted and moderated by Sandra Yang, NGCP Board Member, Cyber-Rights will feature Microsoft employees: Anne Etienne, a Cybersecurity Cloud Solution Architect, and Laurie Kirk, a Security Reseacher. Our panelists will offer insights and practical strategies for social media users, software developers, and others. Discuss the digital education gap, censorship's impact on AI accuracy, and online privacy protection. Empower yourself to advocate for digital rights in your community and beyond. Cyber-Rights promises to inform and inspire whether you're a teenager navigating an interconnected world or a tech professional seeking new perspectives.

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