NGCP Celebrates Citizen Science

04/30/2024 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PT


National Webinars


Help us contribute to one million acts of science this April! 

Citizen science is open to ALL and involves curious people whose individual acts contribute to a collective impact that is accelerating scientific research, discoveries, and local actions that improve the world. Join NGCP to learn how you can get involved with citizen science and join the One Million Acts of Science campaign.  

Citizen science is science for everyone! Specifically, citizen science is when the public voluntarily helps conduct scientific research. From sharing photos of nature to help scientists document biodiversity to browsing images on your computer to help speed up research about Alzheimer's disease, each of these acts of science is important. Join NGCP, Montana State University, and SciStarter for this exciting webinar to hear examples of citizen science projects, gain ideas and resources for getting involved with projects, and learn how girls and other groups historically marginalized in science can benefit from participation in these programs. We hope you will join us to celebrate Citizen Science Month (April 2024), work to broaden participation in the sciences and support scientific research! 

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