Girls in STEM: A (Data-based) Tale of Confidence & Satisfaction

02/21/2023 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT


National Webinars


What attracts female-identifying students to STEM fields, particularly those that use digital technologies, and what distances them from these fields? Join NGCP in collaboration with Gender Scan as we explore what data tells us about the importance of educators, parents and peers in order to engage, retain, and fulfill women and girls in technology fields, and STEM in general.

This webinar will present and break down data collected from approximately 3,000 teenage participants who took the Gender Scan 2021 survey. Speakers from the Gender Scan project will explain the need to build adolescent girls’ confidence in STEM, show them the global importance of studying STEM, and describe the role of educators, parents, and peers. Participants will leave the webinar with resources, tips, and suggestions derived from survey findings to help them support and inspire students in STEM.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Claudine Schmuck, the founder and associate director of Global Contact, which provides management consulting services to CEOs and decision-makers on innovation and gender balance in STEM.

  • Vitória Acerbi, the Gender Scan program manager, conducting data analysis and research on gender equality in education and in the workplace.

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